Dive Instructor

‘Local Island Boy’ born and raised in Roatan, Honduras. He is very active and adventurous, loves to fish and play sports when not doing what he loves most Scuba Diving. Fluent in English and Spanish. After graduating from high school Edwin questioned himself about what he wanted to do in the future as to stay in school or start a diving career. He decided to try scuba diving for a bit and see how he liked it and where it would take him. 12 years after taking his first dive when he fell in love with diving, he has made up his mind to forget about continuing with a career in anything other than scuba diving. Edwin started out diving with Anthony’s Key Resort as an underwater videographer and photographer at age 18. After doing that for 3 years he realized it wasn’t something he wanted to continue with as a profession. He tried snuba and snorkeling tours while debating what he wanted to do; he then decided to Go Pro in scuba diving. He did his dive master and instructor course in 2010 and hasn’t looked back since. Edwin is very passionate about teaching people how to scuba dive safely by following all the procedures and standards set by diving agency’s such as “PADI and SSI” for his students to be able to stand out globally where they may go diving. With 7 years professional experience and over 4000 logged dives across the Bay Islands and 400 plus certifications. He is a highly passionate and patient professional dive instructor.



‘The Dude’ or ‘El Tipo’ comes from Salida, Colorado. After more than 20 years in the skiing industry and over 30 years in whitewater, Tim decided he was up for new challenges. With a degree as an Ecologist and extensive experience in the waters of Mexico, Hawaii, and around the Caribbean, Tim decided to Go Pro and become a Dive master/Instructor in Utila, Honduras in 2001. The Dude came to Roatan only to discover the diving was much better and has been teaching and leading divers throughout the Roatan Marine Park since then. With a good knowledge of the many diver sites and the local marine life. Tim likes to show the best parts of every dive and prides himself on being patient and easy going with both new and experienced divers to help make for a safe and comfortable dive experience. Overall Tim has done over 3600 dives in the Bay Islands alone.


Boat Captain

Born and raised in Roatan, Honduras. Boats and fishing are second nature to him. He worked as a boat captain in Belize and around the Bay Islands for many years, with over 23 years’ experience in the bay islands alone. Having worked at Native Sons, Scuba Roatan, Ocean Connections and many others he knows all the intricacies of the channels around the Bay Islands. Captain Otto is personable and multilingual with an excellent eye for spotting diver bubbles, tuna boils, and whale sharks. Safety and comfort are his focus. An excellent fisherman with deep rooted island knowledge, Otto is the boat captain of choice and a respected member of our dive crew.


Boat Captain

Arturo Adolfo Cuellar was born in Tela, Honduras. He moved to the island in 1994. Since that time he has worked at TGI as boat captain for five years, two at Octopus Divers, and one at Anenoma Divers. At one point he managed his very own water taxi company with five boats and eventually was hired at the Mares Store. His job entailed filling scuba tanks, hydrostatic testing, compressor maintenance and equipment repair. As a PADI Advanced Open Water Diver he also shares the enthusiasm for the underwater world and is eager to lend a helping hand. Arturin is a reliable boat captain and great member of our staff.